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Say 'Hello' and be welcomed.
Say 'Hello' and be welcomed.



PostAuthor: tex » Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:51 pm
Short for Texcalibur,
Hello there remember me from the CP and Net days, well tough I 'm still here.
With Mini tex now 12 years old and going under the name Fuzzball (don't ask) he was playing Cod mainly MW2 "because the guns were better than Black ops", but alot of Zombie maps mainly COD WAW, but recently with a new PS3 under his belt. the PC is not used as much. Something about LOittle big planet, looks crap to me, and the occasional game with me on Fifa, he always beats me!!!! :blush:
The other mini tex, well shes 14 now and glued to Facebook, MSN and youtube, but does play the occaional COD4 game, but won't reveal that to her friends who she says will think her a geek.
Well for the last 3 years at christmas I get given by my darling wifey the new COD game, so I'm still on Black ops, and bet you can't guess whats on my xmas list this year!!. Bandwidth is starting to becaome an issue in this house now(wifey often on online bingo/facebook games/ etc. and I have to pick my time to game after I 've done my paperwork for work, which is still farming.
I still play Hockey in league matches, and for the 4th year now coach kids on a Sunday morning, sometimes fulfilling often very frustrating , but it's big club thing :D
Well hope you are all ok, hey even had a quick go on the old CSS the other day, by the time I had my controls sorted out, and after a bit of abuse for that, I realised I had forgotten more than I had ever learnt :blush2:

catch yer laters

Re: Tex

PostAuthor: nGAGE™ » Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:34 pm
Wow Texy babe,... So good to hear from you. Glad the mini-texorz are fine and gaming. It's obviously in the blood :D.

Let's get some games in soon, but I warn you; I've gone console as well now, so my PC skills have been dropping a bit too. Or is it age? Oh well, who cares. As long as it's still fun! ;)

Hit me up on RAPTR if you like. I just signed up and it seems like a useful facebook like site, but for gamers. You should be able to track me down no matter what platform I'm playing on here.

Looking forward to catching up a bit soon.


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